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My name is Abdul Sani Mukaddas, the owner of this blog.  I am a Marine Engineer and a blogger.  By now,  you’ll be wondering how I manage both and I can assure you that it wasn’t easy. I will not lie by telling you that it doesn’t take effort and time because it does but the truth is that whenever you set your mind to a specific goal, put in the necessary effort, be patient and show commitment to whatever it is you want to achieve, then in one way or the other you’ll attain a good result.

My strongest trait has always been PROBLEM SOLVING which I believe it to be a good quality for an engineer. This trail have been fundamental to my most valued achievements.

I started operating computer at a very young age (10 years old) especially when considering the environment I was raised in. As at the time, computer isn’t very common even to adults in my local area. At a very young age, my goal has always been on how to play computer games which were hard to find.  As result, I learnt how to install application packages, games anything I could find. After a while,  I thought why not learn something valuable that could make an impact in my life. That’s when started learning Microsoft office packages, corel draw and Photoshop. I later became very good at graphics design with little guidance and self discipline. My curiosity led me to learn basic html and other programing languages which I now use in my day to day activities.

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