How To Get Over A Heartbreak

How To Get Over A Heartbreak
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In every action we take in life, there are two possible outcomes. That is; positive outcome and negative outcome. Generally, positive outcome is something we are all hoping for in every action we take while the negative outcome is what we like to avoid. Sometimes, the fear of a negative outcome or the feeling that we cannot bear such outcome leads us to neglect taking the initial action in the first place. This is no different in the world of love only that in this case, we have no complete power on whether to take the action (fall in love) which may lead to the negative outcome (heartbreak).

A heartbreak is an intense emotional, sometimes physical pain experienced after being dumped by a lover.  According to Wikipedia, “Emotional pain that is severe can cause ‘broken heart syndrome’, including physical damage to the heart”. As a result, this is an issue not to be taken lightly because of the damage it can cause which may also lead to death.

I haven’t written an article for a while due to what I believe to be a writer’s block. And I was discussing the issue with a friend who suggested this particular topic and well, due to past experiences, I feel this is something I have a few ideas to share and maybe it’ll help fix a few broken hearts. Here are some of the things I believe would help.


This is one of the most difficult parts after a break up. The mind tends to be in total denial of the situation insinuating that it is not completely over. This leaves you at a state of unrest and believing that everything will get back to the way it was and therefore, causing more pain and suspense. The earlier you accept that it is completely over the better the chance of recovery.


This is another important factor to get Over a Heartbreak. It doesn’t necessarily have to come after acceptance as it may even help to accept the situation in the first place. Keeping in touch makes it hard to accept the situation by giving you a glimpse of hope and reminding some of the positive outcomes in the relationship. It is best when all forms of communication are cut off.


Normally, after a break up, you tend to have more time as the time you used to spend with your ex is now freed up. Leaving that time vacant will lead to thoughts of what you could have been doing. So, instead, pick up a hubby like writing, reading, sports, get a pet, grow a plant or pick up a new project. The idea is to take up anything you’re interested in and will keep engaged most of your free time.


After a while of engaging in your new hubby, ask yourself to how far you have gone. Are you having the same feelings? Will you still want to go back? Also keep in mind that just because you have been together, doesn’t necessarily mean your future is together. There’s also every chance that you will find someone better.


Take your time to recover, be happy on your on before starting a new relationship. This step maybe difficult as some may believe the fastest way to recover is by engaging in a new relationship but I don’t believe that to be true. Starting a new relationship before healing completely will blind your mind from seeing what is right in front of you and thinking of what could have been.


This is the part where you allow yourself to other possibilities. Meet new people, learn about them, give them a chance  to woo you and who knows, it could be the chance for you to meet THE ONE. But don’t rush into anything.

I hope you find my write-up to be helpful. Thank you for reading.

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